This new website

I registered my first website for my photography portfolio on July 27th, 1998. That's coming up on nineteen years ago. Impossible. My website is older than my son, who is in college now.

I started then with, then switched to when names became the norm. But the only times that I have ever been called "William" was at the DMV, on the first day of school each year, and when my mother was mad at me. So finally I decided to simplify my life and switched one last time to In fact I am "billmoree" for everything online: instagram, facebook, linkedin, even google+ and youtube. Everything except pinterest. There, I am stuck with "williammoree". I don't use pinterest.

Over those years, the website has evolved. My first was with Microsoft FrontPage, which is dead now for good reason. So I taught myself Adobe GoLive and enough html to put together a simple but pretty website. There were a few updates of that site, but too few. At some point I realized that the web was getting complicated enough that I had to decide to be either a web designer or a photographer.

I am a photographer.

Livebooks was a great solution for a long time, with a backend database that made it relatively painless - relatively - to update the site with new photographs and projects. But Flash died and Livebooks had their own problems and it was time to change again. I tried everysingleplatform that I could find. None were a perfect solution. Analysis paralysis was setting in. With some the backend was unsustainable or the front facing designs were ugly. Cost isn't my primary concern, but some are far more expensive in light of what they bring to the table.

Meanwhile, I helped artist friends with grabbing their domains and getting started their sites, usually with squarespace because it was easy, fast and pretty.

Then it occurred to me that I hadn't really given squarespace a fair go for myself. I logged in, started from scratch, and only two days later I have a website that I think works quite nicely for what I think a photographer's portfolio should do. That's squeezed in during two days when we also got ready for a dinner party, helped my finer half prep for a trip to St. Thomas, and generally kept dogs and kids from starving. That's the fastest I've ever gotten one of these things going.

A photographer's portfolio website should be simple. Based on all of the conversations that I've had with art buyers and creative directors, they want to get in, see the photographs and figure out who you are and what you will mostly likely return with if they hire you. That's it. And that's what this site is.

There are a few little bells and whistles. Like the calendar that you can check to see if I am available while you are still on the phone with your client finding dates that the subject is available.

Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts. What you you like? Hate? Things that I've overlooked? Meanwhile, I'll keep adding new photos, case studies and projects as time goes on.